Safe Cash system is a professional safe box. It is equipped with an high accuracy banknote acceptor. This is suitable for the situations where a huge amount of money are managed. The system can be configured as multi user.

    Once made the login (enter passwor), the user can introduce banknotes, the system will verify them and if genuine, will be inserted in the safebox. The system will update the database where the total amount of money inserted from each user are stored. Each user has a multilevel access.

    Only the top level user will be able to open the door and access to the money inserted in the safebox.

    Just pushing a button, the device can also be used as a simple money detector. In this case the banknote will be checked and it will be pushed out instead of be stored in the box.

    It is also equipped with a specific PC software. From the software the user can configure the users level, can see the report of the money present in the safebox and for each user can see the amount of money inserted. The machine can also be configured with a small termic printer for the print of the report.